Baby Massage with Tickle Tots

*Baby massage classes - Promoting nurturing touch for babies*

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Background: The practice of Baby Massage can be seen in many different cultures around the world. This gentle, nurturing touch can help to promote your baby's health, deepen bonding and strengthen family relationships. 

About the classes: This course is suitable for all babies - from newborns to 1 year.

Classes take place once a week for 3 weeks. Each session lasts about 60 minutes and includes relaxation for parents, massage strokes for a different part of your baby's body each week and an opportunity to chat about parenting issues. 


Class size is kept to a maximum of 5 to ensure an intimate, friendly class with lots of individual support and gives you the opportunity to meet other parents and carers in a relaxed atmosphere.   

Oils and course notes will be provided. Please wear loose comfortable clothes and bring a towel, a baby mat and a spare nappy.


In the classes you will learn...

    • simple and effective massage techniques inspried by Swedish Massage, Traditional Indian Massage, Reflexology & yoga, as well as a special massage to relieve gas and colic
    • relaxation techniques, for both you and baby
    • how to adapt your massage as your child grows




One-to-one: 3 classes for only £80
Group classes:
2 people: 3 classes for only £50 each
3 people or more: 3 classes for only £40 each


I am happy to travel to you for a small extra fee. Please ask for further details.

Benefits: Baby massage has many benefits for both baby and parent. Clinical evidence shows that loving, touching and nurturing contact between parent and baby has a positive impact on subsequent development. Research has shown that babies who are regularly massaged feed and sleep better than those who are not. The one to one quality time spent with your baby during massage improves pre-language communication skills and the undivided attention fosters feelings of love, security and respect.

Benefits for babies:

    • Promotes bonding and attachment with parent/primary caregiver
    • Promotes relaxation and helping babies self-regulate calm, which reduces crying
    • De-stresses babies. Massaged babies show lower levels of cortisol and an increase in relaxing hormones such as oxytocin and seratonin
    • Helps babies to sleep more deeply
    • Enhances immune system function
    •  Improves circulation and lymphatic system function
    • Regulates the digestive system
    • Helps normalize muscle tone
    •  Enhances neurological development
    •  Helps to improve sensory and body awareness
    •  Can help to relieve constipation, wind and colic

Benefits for Parents:

    • Provides all the indicators of parent-infant bonding and attachment
    • Provides one-on-one time or interactive play with your baby
    • Increases parents self esteem by re-inforcing and enhancing your skills as a parent
    • Helps parents to unwind and relax. Cortisol (stress hormone) levels are lowered and oxytocin and prolactin levels (relaxing hormones) are increased
    • Gives parents the tools to read your baby's cues
    • Provides early involvement for fathers
    • Can help reduce postnatal depression