Alexander Technique - Tanya Shoop

For posture, back pain, breathing, relaxation. Beautiful studio overlooking Brockwell Park. One to one sessions.

The way we use our bodies may be doing more harm than good.  Years of slouching, sitting at the computer, injuries and stress can take their toll.

Applying the Alexander Technique will improve your health and well-being through better, more comfortable posture and breathing. It’s a simple and practical way to understand how our bodies can work more freely and easily.  As replacement parts are hard to get, it’s a good idea to look after ourselves now before things deteriorate

Since I qualified in 2003, I have taught hundreds of people from many walks of life and I have witnessed the impact that introducing the Alexander Technique into normal routines can make on people’s lives.

I want people to live the life they want to live, to do the things they want to do for as long as possible. People I love to work with include:

  • stressed, achy office workers
  • older people, looking towards and beyond retirement
  • yoga and sports enthusiasts wanting more ease and less injuries
  • people hoping for more confidence and self assurance
  • teenagers slumping over electronic devices
  • pregnant women and new parents looking for back strength
  • musicians and actors wanting the best out of their performance

My studio overlooks the beautiful open space of Brockwell Park in South London and is a calm and peaceful space in which to work. It is easily accessible from Herne Hill, Tulse Hill, Brixton and Camberwell. Parking is free!

18 Brockwell Park Row
Tulse Hill
Opening hours: 
Sunday: Closed
Monday: 7:30-18:45
Tuesday: 7:30-18:45
Wednesday: 7:30-18:45
Thursday: 7:30-15:00
Friday: 7:30-14:00
Saturday: Closed