seeking: double bedroom / studio flat / one bedroom flat

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seeking: double bedroom / studio flat / one bedroom flat

Hi there, 

I’m looking for a slightly bigger place to live. My current living situation is lovely but there isn’t much by way of storage or communal space other than the kitchen which is small and, as I work from home a few days a week, can be a challenge with folks coming and going. 

My budget is £600pcm all in. 

I’m flexible about moving dates (I need to give the standard month’s notice on my current place), locations in south east london and about the type of living situation. 

I’ve listed some options below just as an idea: 

- I’d happily move in somewhere like my old place (havil street end of camberwell in which I lived for six years and was unfortunately sold by the landlord last year.) Two bedrooms, one bathroom, one living room, and a large kitchen. (£500 per person all in) 

- A double room in an attic or basement of a family home (I used to be a nanny professionally so occasional childcare is an option) 

- A room in a two person flatshare. 

- A one bed flat (I know that sounds mad for that budget but my friend’s moved into one in Ladywell last month for that price so I do know it’s possible.) 

- A large studio flat, as long as the bed isn’t pressed directly against the stove! 

My two main priorities are cleanliness and a comfortable place to sit other than my own bed. I’m not at all that precious or dictatorial when it comes to tidiness and don’t need warnings about eg friends or people coming around/coming to stay, but I do like a clean well lighted place. 

I work for a large charity in central London in their digital transformation team and am a trained gardener, so if you need help with anything digital or need any weeding done, i’m your pal. 

v best.