replacing sash windows

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replacing sash windows

Hello, has anyone got any recomendations? HAs anyone used Walsh Glazing in Herne Hill?

I used Justin Holmes (justin

I used Justin Holmes ( who replaced about 5 sash windows. Reasonable standard, some porblems but were sorted. He is a craftsman and likes to do a good job.

hello, thanks for your reply,

hello, thanks for your reply, what were the problems?

Time commitments and broken

Time commitments and broken double glazing panel.

Matthew Kirkwood
F and E joinery

We had all of our windwos replaced by F and E Joinery (under the railway arch at the Norwood Road end of Croxted Road) and are delighted with the quality of joinery and with their service. It wasn't even too messy.

One pane which cracked after a few months was replaced within a day or two.


They replaced all my front windows and were reasonable on price and brilliant on service, quality and installation. G

I used Justin Holmes from

I used Justin Holmes from Elementary Design to repair all my Victorian sash windows. He and his very lovely team are real craftsmen who did a very professional job. AND they cleaned up after themselves each day which made the necessary upheavel all a lot more bearable. I had the windows done in September 17 and we hardly noticed the cold winter of 2018 thanks to the great insulation strips they put into each window. No more icy drafts!

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