Relentless speeding on Milkwood Road

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Relentless speeding on Milkwood Road

Hi Local Safer Neighbourhood Team,

I live on Milkwood Road and am becoming growingly concerned about the amount of speeding cars and motorcyclists who are using it as some kind of cut through / race track. I wondered if you knew of any plans to slow them down?

I've been quietly hoping it just improves, but after a speeding overtaker nearly hit me yesterday (must of been doing 60mph or thereabouts), and motercyclist (wearing a balaclava no less) felt the need to perform high-speed wheelies this morning were the final straws for me, so I called the police. It's getting quite insane and it simply doesn't feel safe - I genuinely think a serious crash is likely unless something changes.

Any thoughts? Could the council do something? For example, I imagine a speed camera at the mid-point of the road would make it's money back in about a week.


Speeding on Milkwood Road

I agree about the dangerous situation on Milkwood Road particularly with 2 schools along the road.

The refuges and speed humps only make the situation worse as motorists swerve around them to overtake cyclists - even on the bends.  The 20 mph speed limit needs to be enforced to avoid a serious accident.

Traffic speeding

The Herne Hill Forum is looking at a project whereby local communities can undertake speed monitoring in certain locations, part of the CommunitySpeedWatch programme. The idea is that local residents groups are trained, get the loan of clever speed gun and tablet, clock the offending motorists and via the in-built automatic number plate recognition software the DVLA can pass on the address details of the owner of the car to the police. The police system can then issue a letter direct to the offending car owner. If the car owner starts to register numerous offences and despite the letters being sent continues to offend then they can get a visit directly from the police and eventually have their vehicle impounded. It reduces the cost of enforcement by the Police, it helps local groups tackle this anti-social behaviour and it targets the repeat offender to get the message across about acceptable car driving in an urban area. 

Let the Herne Hill Forum know if this would be of interest to you -

Speeding on Milkwood Rd

Hi Liz and Whatsup,

Thanks for responding - it's good to hear there are some potential solutions in the pipeline and that the issue is being recognised. It does seem to be getting worse too.

I will get in touch about the cleverl speed guns and hopefully this could pick up speed, in a good way.



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