Casino Avenue SE24 9PP, or at your home

With reiki, it becomes easier to attract what we want in life and cope with life's challenges.  It always works for a person's highest good - physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually.  

Posture improves, aches and pains evaporate, thinking becomes clearer; we find courage where it's needed, feel lighter, peace, smile easily, love yourself better and those around you...  These are just some of the benefits people experience with reiki.  1 minute of reiki sleep is the equivalent of 6 minutes of deep restorative sleep.  Reiki works at the root cause of any problem thereby alleviating the present symptoms. 

I offer Reiki treatments and Reiki Courses (learning and attunements) for adults and children.  5 or 6 weeks after being attuned to this natural healing method you could be confidently healing yourself, family and friends.  Reiki treatments are received fully clothed, usually last an hour but is still effective even for a few minutes.  Perfect for calming the kids, de-stressing before exams or overload, or just getting a better night's sleep.  The ability to use your healing Reiki hands lasts your whole lifetime.  Awesome!

This Course could take place in your home - and I could reiki your home, too!   Or at my house on Casino Avenue close to Sunray Gardens, Herne Hill, 6 minutes walk from North Dulwich station.  Exact location on booking request (the map marker is not positioned at the right location). 

This is a very practical course; up to 1 and-a-half days.  Minimum 4 people (adults/over 14) per course.  Maximum 6 people per course.  Invite Auntie or your best friend to make up the numbers!   £130 per person adults / teens 14 years up;  £60 per child age 5-13.  Proof of age required.  I used to run Partyplay children's drama parties, so they'll have fun too!

Course content:-

how to scan people and things

mindful relaxation techniques
understand chakras,
our body's systems
and the energy body;

history of Reiki
time and space;

eastern and western Reiki hand positions

for healing yourself, family, pets, computer, car... 
ample time for practice
contraindications, cautions
healing crises in case they arise
ways to clear a space of harmful negativity.

4 Reiki Attunements.

After Day 2, you'll have a Reiki Manual to keep and a Certificate (no worries - there's no test!).
Once attuned at this Course, follow up with self-treatments to escalate your energy.   


See the Reiki page on   for more details.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

love and light and all things bright,

Kathy Yvanovich,  Reiki Master Teacher


Casino Avenue
Herne HIll
SE24 9PP