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Opinion & Requests

Great to see the new website has been launched and the subsequent updates which are coming along. It works much better on a smartphone now. I think the News section should appear at the top of the smartphone layout. Perhaps there could be tabs for the other sections rather than set out in one long scroll.

I like the green colour scheme. I'm not a huge fan of the beige background though. Its feels rather dark and not very modern. Perhaps a very light beige or white would be better suited using distinct panels to separate the areas of information. Do 'Recent Tweets', though good to see/read, need to take up so much space? Perhaps a smaller font size for that panel.

I thought I'd report I've noticed quite few map pins are in the wrong place on the Community Map and Venues, Places under 'Whats's On'. I'm sure this is just a first cut and they'll be tuned in the weeks to come. For example, Brockwell Hall Cafe is currently down by Norwood Road and Poets Corner Residents is currently in Scotland!?!?!?

Will we see map pins for all high street businesses in Herne Hill and around? Perhaps on a separate map?

I like the new URL web address. Will you keep an automatic 'forward' from the old address to the new address for sometime to come?

What's happened to the content which was under the 'Campaigns' section of the old website? Is this still to be moved over? Incidentally, I don't mean the Campaigns section under 'Discuss'.

Thanks for all the hard work and adding the source code to github. Great idea.

Feedback on new web site

Many thanks for all the feedback, all very valid points. 

Mobile experience. We are working on the new theme to re-do the order etc. The tablet/mobile visits are the majority now so we need to focus on that experience being excellent.

Colour scheme - yes, it can evolve. Agree on making "recent tweets" a bit smaller. 

The pins in the map are being dealt with. If there is no postcode/address then the pin is put in the centre of the UK (Shetland Isles to Channel Isles). We are doing a workaround to reduce the amount of Herne Hill events and businesses seem to be located in the Lowlands of Scotland.

We will be introducing filters later for maps, show only groups, of child friendy events, or shops, or wheelchair accessible events and so on.

The automatic forward from the old URL will be in operation for as long as necessary. Just need to start rebuilding links etc.

Most of the old content is all there, just shuffling it around to get it to present itself in the correct manner.

We are replacing the Forum module soonish to go to one that is far better with greater features. Just had to use the standard one for now as the upgrade path was easier this way.

The entire site is on github, creative commons licence. help yourself.

Thanks for the feedback, keep the ideas coming.

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