Wonderful Winter Solstice closer for HHFFF

In Pursuit of Silence was the wonderful Winter Solstice closing film for Herne Hill Free Film Festival's special '12 Films of Christmas' season and it screened at a fabulous venue too, the South London Botanical Institute in Norwood Road. So packed out that we watched it through the door, then later leaning on the stairwell, it still maintained strength to hold through its meditative elegance.

If there was ever a film to champion noise abatement, this is it. Within the first ten minutes it succeeds in depicting the sort of noise we have learned to live with: Director Patrick Shen films hundreds of workers in the City of London’s Lloyd’s Building, standing still to observe a Rememberance Day two minute silence. The absence of sound with the exception of the odd cough is eerie - then made eerier still when a bell tolls to end the silence. The calm is immeditaely broken by massive din flooding in. The film makes the case that we need more silence in our lives and goes on a cinematic journey round the world - while constrasting noise with silence and adding in a little John Cage along the way.

This film is on festival release (not general) in the UK but if you're on for some meditative viewing in the New Year it should be coming out on demand via Vimeo in the near future! For now, you can watch the first festival trailer here:

and the second here:

Happy Holidays! Don't forget to find some peace and quiet ....