Why Singing is so good for Stroke Survivors

(Our Crowdfunder for the London Stroke Choir is running until the 6 July, you can donate here.)

Research shows that Stroke Survivors singing in a choir greatly improves speech  and also reduces the isolation and depression associated with Stroke.

With popular TV programmes like The Voice and Gareth Malone's TV projects encouraging people to get involved in singing, it's never been a better time to get involved in a local one near you.

A general Google search for choirs just in London brings up more than you can easily count.  It seems that we just can't get enough of them and we are either in one ourselves or know someone who is.  But why are they so popular? Simple; socialising and singing together makes you feel good, and all abilities are welcome.

Yeah, yeah, tell me something I don't know I hear you cry.  Well, ok then.

The London Stroke Choir was set up initially by The Stroke Association. Then the charity I work for, Disability Advice Service Lambeth, took over the running of it for a few years.  Sadly in March 2016 we had to suspend running the choir due to lack of funds.  It feels like we have put in more grant applications than choirs in London, but none have been successful so far. 

It is such a shame as this is one of the most successful projects that we have been involved in in recent years and we would love to carry on.  Many of the Stroke Survivors who come to the London Stroke Choir have told us how important it is to have somewhere to go regularly and meet other people; it is more than a bit of a singsong, it's really improving their lives.  Having a stroke is one of the most traumatic things a person can go through and it is a sudden life-changer that most people need support to recover from. Add in the financial impact of having a stroke and you begin to see why funding a choir for people recovering from Stroke is actually very important.

If you can help us get the money we need, you will be making a lot of people very happy indeed.  If you can donate, please do; if you know of any choirs that would put on a fundraiser, let them know; if you can help in any other way, get in touch!

(Our Crowdfunder for the London Stroke Choir is running until the 6 July, you can donate here.)

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