Who was Thomas Lynn Bristowe?

Who was Thomas Bristowe?

Yes, we live in contentious times so "public servant" scrutiny is always a good idea. Was he in it for the dosh?

But this is much more. This is about the man who may well be Mr Herne Hill. 

Third son of John Syer Bristowe, a doctor of Camberwell, Thomas Lynn Bristowe was an English stock broker and Conservative Party politician and MP for Norwood.

He is also the father of Brockwell Park!

According to a Herne Hill Society blog (http://hernehillsociety.typepad.com/blog/2012/06/thomas-lynn-bristowe-mp...):

“In the 1880s, the huge Blades Blackburn estate at Herne Hill was put up for sale for housing. Local MP Thomas Lynn Bristowe led a campaign to buy it as a public park. He even guaranteed the money needed to secure its purchase. In 1891 his campaign was successful and Brockwell Park was created.”

Sadly, Thomas Lynn died of a heart attack on the steps of Brockwell Hall during the grand opening ceremony in June 1892! Tragic.

In 2012, the newly restored and cleaned bust of Thomas Lynn Bristow was returned to Brockwell Hall and unveiled by the Mayor of Lambeth and Thomas Bristowe, a descendant of Thomas Lynn.

The bust is located next to the Brockwell Hall Cafe on the ground floor by the condiments section and close to the disability ramp situated by the Brockwell Hall Performance Space.

Can we safely say Thomas Lynn Bristow was a public servant? Is he Mr Herne Hill? Just judging by the views from Brockwell Hall alone, I'm inclined to say yes ...

Nevertheless, venture up and judge for yourself! The folks at Brockwell Hall Cafe will be happy to see you! Lots of menu options - and don't forget your order ticket!

Roll up for a trek through this inner London park to the beating heart of Herne Hill!