Warm and Well Together event - Sunday 17 February

Calling all volunteers and chilly residents!


·      It’s been cold, it’s been icy, it’s been pouring snow. Ok, the sledging has been fun, but the pavements have been covered with compacted ice, and getting to the shops has been a nightmare.

·      Do you wonder how people cope when they’re elderly, immobile or unable to pay for fuel? Have you wanted to help but not known how?

·      Well, so have we, so here’s your chance!

·      On Sunday 17th February we’re holding a ‘Warm and Well Together’ event from 10.00 at 198 Contemporary Arts and Learning on Railton Road.

·      Together with Lambeth Council and Age UK, we’re bringing together Herne Hill residents who are vulnerable to the cold, providing a hot lunch, a chance to chat, and an opportunity to meet local service providers and community members who can help them to stay safe and warm.

·      Local businesses will be working with local people to serve up a delicious hot lunch, and Age UK will be there to help you get involved in draft-proofing people’s homes, helping with shopping, or putting your culinary skills to use through local casserole clubs (make an extra hot portion for your neighbour). We will also be testing out ideas for a Herne Hill market food box scheme, an outreach knitting club, and a community choir to create a long term local support network.

·      If you’d like to get involved, we’d love to see you on the 17th February.  

·      If you feel vulnerable and in need of support, or if you know of somebody who is, please let us know charlotte@hernehill.org.uk.  Word of mouth is our best way of reaching people, and we’ll be offering transport on the day to make sure that everybody gets there safely.

·      This is just the start of a range of Herne Hill Forum young and old outreach initiatives, so please support it in whatever way you can to make our community a happier place for everybody.