The Walking Movement

Hi Everyone,

I plan to start a daily walk starting at 10 am from the lido in Brockwell Park- starting on Christmas Day.

The aim is to involve the elderly, homeless or other people that may be alone this Christmas and those who would benefit from a community walk.

Thereafter it would be great to target those who are unfit or lacking social contact to come on this daily event.

The idea is to improve social cohesion and encourage those who would benefit from exercise to improve their fitness.

Eventually I would like to encourage other Parks and Green Spaces to run their own daily walks.

Follow us On Facebook- "The Walking Movement" site coming soon.

I will be handing out flyers at the Herne Hill Market.

So please feel free to join us in getting those in need walking to out  amazing local Park.

10 am Christmas Day- and daily there after.

best wishes

Matt James

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