A Very Hospitable Game

Brockwell Swimmers water polo squad ended the year on a high with another stunning game on Sunday evening (2nd Dec). The team took on its first (and last) non London based opponents of 2018 inviting the Addenbrooke’s Hospital team from Cambridge down to the Brockwell Swimmers winter training venue of St Joseph’s College, Beaulah Hill.

It was the Hospital team which scored the first goal within minutes of the whistle. However, Brockwell Swimmers were quick to respond and score a shot just a few minutes later.

What followed was a game full of movement – so much so that spectators could have been forgiven for thinking that they had turned up to Wimbledon in summer rather than poolside in the dark depths of winter.

It was Brockwell that seized the advantage with a well-placed centre forward left pretty much undefended. The lone wolf repeated the same move in another counter attack just moments later.

By then Brockwell Swimmers were fully in their stride, or rather stroke, with a series of smoothly executed goals – all in the first half. Although Addenbrooke’s weren’t about to make it that easy for the home side, with a couple of their own strategic scores. Even with the addition of – not one but – two converted penalties in the final minutes it was not to be for the Hospital team.

The match ended 9-6 to Brockwell Swimmers in the white caps. Match de-briefing and social at the Great North Pub afterwards. Both sides are keen to meet again in 2019 for a re-match of new friends. Thanks to Addenbrooke’s for coming down to London to play, we’ll see you again soon!

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