Herne Hillians of the World Unite. We need your help! 
As you hopefully know, we're aiming to beat the world record for 'Most contributions to a colour by numbers' on Wednesday September 12th. For more info, see us in the news here.
Pupils from 7 Herne Hill schools will be colouring in a 40m long mural, all about Herne Hill, from 8am-3.30pm. We are then asking the public to help us finish the mural, between 4-8pm.  Please register your place for this epic achievement here: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/world-record-attempt-herne-hill-history-mural-colour-by-numbers-tickets-48888154787.
So what's the panic? Well, the record we were aiming to beat was 454 participants. BUT Guinness Book of Records announced yesterday a new record of 1119 participants. This puts us at real risk of not getting a record, so we are calling for ALL HANDS ON DECK to pull together and help us achieve this huge challenge. We need numbers!!
Please register online and join us between 4-8pm on Wednesday 12th September. Bring your friends, colleagues, relatives, random acquaintances and help us to secure a new world record and give Herne Hill an incredible new testimony to the power of community spirit.
Oh and p.s. we need volunteers too, to help us on the day. Please email lucy@hernehillforum.org.uk if you can offer your time. Merci beaucoup and happy colouring.