Update on Railton Road - a new market

New market in Railton Road?


There’s lots of scope to use the semi-pedestrianised stretch of Railton Road and one option is a regular market.


Markets provide a buzz and sense of community by creating an enjoyable place to linger, browse, stop for a drink and meet people. Of 300 local people interviewed last month, 91% want a market. They’re also a very good way to support local shops - the sheer numbers of people visiting can boost shop takings considerably.


The market is likely to be mostly high quality food, a combination of produce and cooked. It may give preference to local and seasonal food like a farmers market but not insist on that. 92% of people surveyed said they wanted food stalls with local arts and crafts also popular. Saturday is the most popular day, with 70% support. There could also be a specialist section, for example vintage clothes or cycling paraphernalia once a month. We’re getting advice from potential market operators who endorse this approach. 


A key criteria is to support local business and this is echoed in the survey, with people proud and fiercely supportive of our independent shops. We’re committed to stalls not selling similar products at a similar price point as any local shop, to shops remaining very visible, to lay out the market so visitors have to pass shop fronts, and not leaving any shops out of the market area. In addition, local shops and people wanting stalls will have first call with stalls subsidised for new businesses or existing Railton Road retailers.


From other markets and national research we know both the community and independent shops benefit from markets and that it can transform an area for the better bringing many benefits. We hope to bring the same boost to Herne Hill from this May or June.


The area of railton Road between Rymer Street and Dulwich Road will be managed by a new organisation that is being set up. There will be a small team of people who will be repsonsible for the successful maagement and marketing of the entire space, making it look great, putting on events, checking on how the market is progressing. This team will be made up of two of the local traders, two people from the local community and a Lambeth Council officer. If you would like to volunteer to be part of that team as a local community representative then please do drop us a line.


To contact us with any queries about the market please email info@hernehillforum.org.uk