Update on path repairs in Brockwell Park

From: Jeff Segal
Sent: 07 December 2011 20:46
To: Cultural & Environment Enquiries
Subject: Brockwell Park path resurfacing


Dear Lambeth Parks:


Do you know if there's a target date for resurfacing the path on the Norwood Road side of Brockwell Park?


I'm a regular cycle commuter through the park and I've been finding it very tricky to use the path in recent weeks. Now that the drainage works have been completed the trenches have only been filled in with loose stones and earth, which are dangerous for cyclists and, I imagine, difficult for very young and old pedestrians too.


Thanks and kind regards


Jeff Segal




From: Carter,Paul [mailto:PCarter@lambeth.gov.uk]
Sent: 14 December 2011 12:36
To: Cultural enquiries srowe
Subject: RE: Brockwell Park path resurfacing


Dear Sir. Regarding the current Heritage Lottery work being undertaken in Brockwell Park. I apologise for any inconvience caused by recent trenching works. I do agree that the present condition is not favourable to cyclists in some parts. There are steps being taken to reduce the present condition of these roads. Fairly shortly more likely after Christmas is over there will be resurfacing going on in various parts of Brockwell Park. This will start to alleviate the present conditions which you and other park users are experiencing Due to weather conditions we have attempted to put in as much sewer runs and drainage links as possible. This has some disruption to Parks users. I will pass your message onto the contractors. I cannot give you a precise date for resurfacing in and around Norwood Road but I am aware of foot and cycle traffic is fairly high. I hope that is a satisfactory answer to your question. Regards Paul.


Paul Carter

Brockwell Park Manager.

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London Borough of Lambeth.

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