Umana Yana gets press & petition seeks more signatures!

Ongoing dispute and petition regarding  Guyanese eatery Umana Yana and mobile phone exchange boxes which hide it from passing trade virtually at the corner of Norwood and Croxted Roads, gets further mention in Southwark News. At time of this post, a petition begun on behalf of Debbie Monfries now has over 1000 signatures and seeks 1500.

Southwark News notes that Cllr Ian Wingfield, Cabinet Member for Environment and the Public Realm, has said: “Anyone can see that this is not the right location for these boxes, and we will be writing to Virgin to ask them to consider alternative sites … Unfortunately councils have little say in the location of these boxes since the government changed the rules so they no longer require planning permission.” Winfield goes on to say good broadband “should not be achieved at the cost of a local business.”

Read the Emma Snaith article: Sign the petition if you haven’t already: