Trevor Christie Photography - E. Dulwich exhibition May 11/12

Trevor Christie photo exhibition in E. Dulwich - proceeds to benefit SHELTER

Trevor Christie is a photographer who lives in South London. He taught himself photography through textiles and illustration and video.

Trevor has worked extensively in London, beginning his photographic life in 2008, when he started to engage in street photography. His pictures reveal London's soft, essential character. He exhibits infrequently, usually when a new body of work is ready. Here at Herne Hill Forum we've covered exhibitions he's had at the Carnegie Library, when there was gallery space.

His work is storytelling, and reflects superficial ordinariness, utilising mechanical film cameras of the previous century to produce the subject.

Topics explored include: homelessness, capitalism, inequality and isolation, all increasingly important urban themes in 2019. These stories and more are told in a unpolitical narrative of tonality, moment and majesty, all stemming from living in the city.

This 2 day exhibition takes place in East Dulwich, at 36 Beauval Road, SE22 8UQ, a residence, and is timed to coincide with Dulwich Festival's Artists' Open House. There will also be household gifts and refreshments for sale, with profits going to Shelter.