A touch of magic for a Herne Hill Halloween

Now that the the nights are drawing in a wee bit and the chill is just nipping the air, we’re officially allowed to talk about our Halloween shows to (gently) frighten the little ones in your life.

Between 28 and 31 October, The Illusioneer - Herne Hill’s very own 20-seater magic theatre - is holding no fewer than eight spooky magic shows. That’s eight chances for children to discover all that’s (darkly) magic about the year’s scariest season. 

Here’s Steve who  came to the show last year: ‘My family were charmed by the Halloween show so that we talked about little else afterwards. From the moment we stepped through the door we knew we were in for a unique and magical experience, and that's what we got. My daughter's involvement on stage in the final trick of the evening totally captivated her and she now wants to be a magician too.’

All the Halloween shows are for children between the ages of three and five and are held at our little magic theatre on Half Moon Lane. Depending on the time, tickets are either £15 or £10. Email The Illusioneer himself, Barrie, to find out more or buy tickets: barrie@theillusioneer.co.uk.