Tom Cox paints Brockwell Park!

Tom Cox is an artist born and raised in Herne Hill and currently based in Tulse Hill. He normally aims to paint scenes with a balance of human activity and architectural angularity.

This is his recent painting of Brockwell Park, a space very much in local news recently in connection with Lambeth Council.

On this day Tom was walking around with his canvas looking for his next subject and he decided to go to Herne Hill market on a Sunday because, as he notes for us:

" ... it has such great life. But it was so busy that I didn't have anywhere to rest my canvas. Instead I turned my attention to Brockwell Park, I spent my childhood growing up in Herne Hill and countless hours in the park, at the bike track, relaxing by the log circle with friends and going to the lido. That path that leads down from the top of the hill perfectly intersects with the main junction in Herne Hill and it was a great pleasure to paint the people disappearing off into the distance, working out the nuances of the trees on this cold Winter's day.”

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