They have reached their first £1,000! Lets help them get to their target!

Too hot for coffee? Who needs a latte in this weather? Donate £2 to the piano film instead - and lets get this film made!

21 days to go - if they do not reach their target £6,500 - then they get nothing! Kickstarter is an all or nothing crowdfunder.

Help the Herne Hill Piano to lead the way. 

The next film will promote more street pianos for London based on the success of the Herne Hill Piano. What would it be like if there were more PERMANENT street pianos in London like the one in Herne Hill and it was our Herne Hill piano that got the ball rolling? That would be amazing and that is their goal.

That poor piano has been locked up for weeks - just after its birthday too - such bad timing.

This extraordinarily special star in our midst that brings so much joy to the area - simply needs a break.

Donate £2 today and make the Herne Hill piano smile again!

You do it online - on the kickstarter site -

South London Press writes on Piano Film Fund!