Thames Water Flood - Lambeth Scrutiny Commission Meeting on Tuesday 25th April

Lambeth are holding a scrutiny commission meeting on Tuesday 25th April 2017 at the Karibu Education Centre, 7 Gresham Road SW9 7PH to look at issues related to burst water mains.

The commission – comprising four cross-party backbench councillors – will be questioning representatives of Thames Water regarding the causes and effects of recent bursts in the borough, and the customer response to residents and businesses affected by flooding, as well as examining the longer term plans for maintenance and investment in the network. The commission is part of a London-wide scrutiny approach involving several boroughs and the Greater London Assembly’s Environment Committee, which is expected to result in a joint report with a series of recommendations aimed at improving performance in the areas outlined.

The commission will begin with an informal surgery-type session from 6-7pm when members of the public are encouraged to give evidence on the topic by speaking to councillors about their experiences. Following this will be a formal meeting from 7-9pm during which the members of the commission will put questions to Thames Water.

All residents are very welcome to attend. The agenda papers will be published in the week prior to the meeting at:

If individuals are interested in providing a written submission to the commission and/or attending the meeting it would be very helpful to advise in advance (see contact details below). Whilst there may be opportunities for members of the public to speak, it is anticipated that such time will be limited since the formal meeting will be led by commission members; councillors will however aim to reflect public comments made during the surgery session in their subsequent questioning of Thames Water. 

If you would like to know more please contact Gary O’Key, Lead Scrutiny Officer, on or 020 7926 2183.