Telephone Mast Planning Application for Dorchester Court

Vodafone has lodged an 'application for prior approval' with Lambeth Council to erect a 15m tall telecom mast on the public pavement right in front of Dorchester Court in Herne Hill. You can view the application on the Lambeth Council Planning website, and comment online, here.

Dorchester Court, dating from 1933-4 by Leslie H Kemp and Frederick E Tasker, is a Grade II listed building. Not only is the proposed installation detrimental to the view of a listed building from Herne Hill, but one of the majestic mature plane trees in front of Dorchester Court will need to be cut back to accommodate the mast.

There has been:

  • No consultation with residents of Dorchester Court, or Danecroft Road opposite;
  • No discussion of the health risks to residents in close proximity to the mast; 
  • No discussion of the visual impact of a listed building;
  • No consideration to the effect of property values;
  • No alternative sites put forward. 

Some of the reasons you may wish to use to object to the application for prior approval include: 

  • The siting of the mast in a position that harms the Grade II listed building (Dorchester Court).
  • The siting of the mast means parts of the mature London Plane tree on Herne Hill will have to be cut to accommodate it. 


Mobile signals in this part of Herne Hill - the roads leading down from Herne Hill to Half Moon Lane is exceptionally poor. It caused delay to the emergency services arriving at my address yesterday because their phone cut out when trying to receive an address. The question is if not here then where?