Taking on Tooting

Last Sunday Brockwell Swimmers were invited to compete at Tooting’s annual Heron Cup Relays which, like last year, proved to be fun, slightly chaotic, super friendly… and cold!

Yago waits for the gun at the Tooting gala

After a bit of swapping around, a team was put together including swimmers Sebastian, James, Annie, Michael, Tim, Yago and team coordinator Nick (not an easy job amongst all the madness). This was a compact squad, but all keen to take on the challenge of more widths per member. They might have bent the rules a bit regarding age and sex but luckily for them the judges didn’t seem to notice.

Annie gets ready to go for Brockwell Lido Swimmers

Michael swims butterfly for Brockwell Swimmers

The other teams had some very strong swimmers: two teams from Tooting 'Tuna' and 'Mackerel', the Out to Swim team and the Serpentine team but Brockwell Swimmeres still managed to win two of the races with both Yago and Michael winning their individual crawl, so well done to them.

Fabulous crawl from Yago at the Tooting Races SLSC

Breast stroke from Sebastian for Brockwell Swimers

There was certainly no hanging around with races rapidly started one after the other. Congratulation to the Tooting ‘Tuna’ team who came overall first, while Brockwell came fifth out of the five. Last, same as last year, but consistent if nothing else.

Back to some warm clothing for Brockwell Swimmers at Tooting Lido Races

South London Swimming Club should be thanked for their splendid organisation and Brockwell Swimmers look forward to returning in June for the Mid-Summer Relays… when the water will be a little warmer they hope!

Anyone interested in joining the team should contact Brockwell Swimmers.