Support the world's first Street Piano Academy in Herne Hill

After your amazing support to fund the new piano, we make another appeal to your generosity.  We've all seen how our lovely street piano feels our community with warmth and has inspired many.  We want to do more.  

Did you know that just 8% of children in state schools are learning an instrument and that children are far more likely to have access to music lessons in independent education settings, despite the Governmental ‘music manifesto’ which was launched in 2004 to give every child in England the chance of free or cut-price tuition?  

We want to change this, by launching the world’s first People’s Piano Street Academy.  Your help in funding will bring free piano lessons to local children who would otherwise not be able to afford the opportunity.  Let's help kids get on the right path.  It’s proven that piano lessons:

  • Help children in school
  • Raise self esteem
  • Increase coordination
  • Help children to concentrate
  • Help children to develop

We have ambitious plans for this project so please help us put Herne Hill on the map for something truly amazing.  Here's the link for more informaton and to pledge your support

Thank you thank you thank you.  We are grateful for all your support.  

Big thanks to Kate for her design work!