Success for Rosendale Primary School Chamber Choir

The Rosendale Chamber Choir were named ‘Children’s Choir Of The Day’ at the audition round of the BBC Choir of The Year in Buxton yesterday. They heard some amazing adult, youth and children’s choirs performing and were really inspired. Despite their nerves the Rosendale children managed to give the audience beautiful beaming smiles as they walked onto the stage and made Miss Wright, Dr Hopkin and all the parents who had come to support them feel very, very proud. The judges said that the children were amazingly secure in their harmonies and sang in a beautiful ‘unforced’ style. One judge said that they sent shivers up her spine with their performance of ‘All My Trials’.
This means that they are through to the next round of the competition which is the National Selection Stage. This is how the rest of the competition proceeds…
National Selection The National Selection Stage is effectively a moderation round where judges listen again to all of the Choirs of the Day from the Auditions. They will select four choirs in each category to go through to the Category Finals. This stage does not include a live event.
Category Finals Four choirs in each category will perform at Manchester’s Bridgewater Hall on 6 October 2012. There will be two shows – the Children and Open Finals and the Youth and Adult Finals. Judges will select one winner in each category. Together with two ‘Wildcards’ selected from the remaining finalists, the four category winners will compete at the Grand Final.
Grand Final
The final show-down! The best six choirs will compete for the title Choir of the Year 2012 at the Royal Festival Hall on 28 October, broadcast on BBC Radio and TV. The winning choir will receive a trophy and will commission a new choral work, supported by BBC Radio 3.
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