Street robbery in Herne Hill

Yesterday evening (Monday) at 7.18 p.m. I witnessed a woman having her phone stolen. Three youths approached her in Dulwich Road, grabbed her phone and ran across Dulwich Road to near Milton Road. I was on the Milton Road side and gave chase to them whilst also calling the Police. Two of them ran down Shakespeare Road into Railton Road and then back down Spenser Road whilst I ran after them. Thankfully Jody was out on his bike looking for his missing cat and also gave chase down Spenser Road.

One then stopped to talk to a woman in a car on the junction with Dulwich Road, the other continued running. I caught up and stopped the boy (about 14 years old) and tried to get him to decide to stay there. Unfortunately he made off down Dulwiuch Road and into Brixton Water Lane where I lost sight of him.

Whilst sitting in the police car giving a full description of them to the police I happened to overhear their police radio in the background. Duing that 15 minutes I spoke with them there was also a street robbery in Mayall Road and also a woman had her phone snatched in Herne Hill whilst walking home from the station. That is three street robberies in an hour, all youths, all lone women victims.

The police unit I was with was a plain clothed unit in an unmarked car. They had been assigned to the area to try an combat this rise in crime.

Thankfully the woman who had her phone stolen was unharmed physically but it was still not a nice experience for her. 

The crime stats have been published here before and show that there is a rise in street robbery. However, much street robbery goes unreported and as a result the Police cannot allocate resources to tackling the rise. If you ever have the unfortunate experince of being in an incident then please report it. 

In the mean time, please be aware of what is happening and be really careful out on the street until this problem has been resolved.