Status update on the Lido's two pools, Apr 26th

It's a tale of two pools at the Brockwell Lido. Outside, so far so good. Not many swimmers as yet (one report in the changing room this week put water temp at 14 degrees) but the pool is back in action and the Modern Movement is around the corner! Inside, however, no good. The hydrotherapy pool remains down with no restart in sight yet and exasperation all around. It was meant to have been fixed this week but is a long way from this as Fusion attempts to fashion a railing fix to what in essence is a hollow fibreglass vessel (with a lot of lovely blue tiles glued on top) have all failed so far. Perhaps it is time to get in experts from the shipyards - folks who deal with bolting things into fibreglass hulls! Next repair update due on April 28th.