Sketchpad Drawing celebrates 10th anniversary in Herne Hill soon!

  • Sketchpad Drawing is celebrating its 10th year. Come along to the events and celebrate with us. There will be a special drawing event on Nov 12th and an exhibition private view marking the occasion on Nov 14th, both at The Prince Regent. The exhibition then moves to Pullens from Nov 17th and will run until Jan 4th.
  • For the SketchPad10 Drawing Event 
(Weds Nov 12th, 7.45pm
, at the Prince Regent), four models dressed in various costumes will be modelling in the two rooms upstairs. Easels and boards will be set up and the class will be open to regulars and guests. Visitors to the pub can grab a drink and wander upstairs to have a go at drawing for the evening, for an hour, or just to make a quick sketch.

  • The SketchPad10 exhibition

private view (Fri Nov 14th, 6.30pm 
at the Prince Regent) features past and present SketchPad artists who have been invited to submit old and new works for this special 10 year exhibition. This will happen upstairs and downstairs at the Prince Regent. An opportunity for novice and established artists to exhibit and sell their works. Bring your cheque books, you might be buying the next Tracey Emin! Come for a drink and an appreciation of our 10 years of drawing. 
  • This exhibition then continues at Pullens from 17th November and will run until 4th January 2015!
  • Background: SketchPad Drawing has been running upstairs at the Prince Regent Pub for a decade. The classes brings together a mix of artists, both amateur and professional, whose work range from traditional charcoal and painting, to the more avant garde of iPad drawings. Interaction between members is key to its success and has led to some truly inspirational work over the years. See the poster attached for further information, also visit the website at where you can find more information and a Facebook link. For further information: 
Lisa Brown on 
07930 345 069, or email:
  • About Lisa Brown who runs SketchPad Drawing: Lisa has been teaching Fine Art and Life Drawing in London for the past 12 years. She is a member of the South London Women Artist's. Her recent artwork concentrates on creating conceptual pieces from found and handmade objects, creating large scale drawings, etchings, writing poetry and film making, with an emphasis on experiential art. Her work has its basis in her understanding of the human condition as a woman, a mother and a wife. Her background centred on casting from the human form. She has exhibited across the UK.