Shocking decision by Lambeth...

Photo: Single Aspect blog

It would appear that Lambeth Council has decided to unilaterally go ahead with their planning for "significant regeneration", another word for demolition, of Cressingham Gardens at the edge of Brockwell Park despite overwhelming objections by residents and the community.   Cllr Jim Dickson, Herne Hill Councillor and member of Lambeth Cabinet, has apparently agreed to this without making any objections or comments at the Lambeth Cabinet meeting despite its impact of this potential development on Brockwell Park users and the Health & Wellbeing of the wider community. 

More written about this on the Save Cressingham blog, including Cllr Dickson's response:

Cressingham Gardens residents have also set up a community-funded Fighting Fund to challenge Lambeth council.  If you wish to donate: