Shane Green creating Olympics chainsaw sculpture in Brockwell Park

correction on this item:

Shane's BP appearances mistakenly listed as Wed/Thurs 9th & 10th when it is Wed/Thurs 8th & 9th

Shane Green, Yorkshire Carver, will be adding to his Olympics sculpture trail in Brockwell Park this week. He'll be creating a new wooden sculpture, Sailing, between Ponds 1 and 2 from 9am to 4pm, on Weds 9th August, and Gymnastics, at the back of the volleyball court, on Thurs 10th August. Shane does his carving with a chainsaw and will create something to treasure in Brockwell Park for many years to come! Says Shane: "The Olympics have always been about dreams and ambition. This sculpture trail is just that ... a vision of celebrating and capturing this magical event human get-together through a sculptor's eyes." He aims to match the high energy and athleticism of the Games with the precision and power of chainsaw sculpting. His work in Brockwell Park is preceded by Games theme work as part of a trail in 8 other London parks, from Highbury Fields to Victoria Park, and will be followed by just one more, in Mayesbrook Park in Barking, before the end of the Olympics (Aug 10th - Boxing, Aug 11th - Marathon).

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