School Crossing Patrols saved in Southwark

Dear supporters,


Safe Routes to School is very pleased to report that the nine month campaign to save the local School Crossing Patrols has succeeded. 


Last week, Southwark Council agreed that the funding for the patrols would remain part of its base budget and that the Lollipop people will remain on the two threatened junctions until the next election in 2014. 


Safe Routes sees this outcome as a victory. The dubious idea that we would have to bid for funding on an annual basis and compete with other local bids has been dropped. With the funds coming from the central Council budget, responsibility for child road safety is kept firmly with the Council. Southwark knows that this is a very hot issue that cannot be re-ignited without serious consequences. And any new administration would be very unwise to try.


Safe Routes will be monitoring the situation very closely over the next two years. As a first step, we are sending a deputation to the DCC meeting on Wednesday 14th March at Christ Church, 263 Barry Road, London SE22 0JT to confirm our understanding of the current arrangements and our expectations for the future. The meeting starts at 7pm and we are scheduled to be heard at 7:10 pm.


We would like to thank everyone who has supported the campaign and ensured this result. It is down to the unprecedented hard work, tenacity and co-operation of local people that the crossings have been saved. Please could you email this good news on to your residents and interested parties.


Best wishes,


Catherine Holmes, Laurie Johnston & Celia Robertson

Safe Routes to School



Well done, and thanks for all your hard work. School Crossing Patrols do an essential job keeping children safe as they cross busy junctions and roads.