Save Umana Yana! Let's get Southwark listening - sign the petition!

Will Southwark Council move the mass of mobile phone exchange boxes on 294 Croxted Road blocking Umana Yana from view of passing trade? We’ve written about this on The Forum before.

Umana Yana, operated by Deborah Monfries, is an amazing local Guyanese and Caribbean takeaway which is also a wonderful part of our community. It needs more consistent business to survive. 5 large mobile phone exchange boxes (three of them shown on image above on the right) totally obscure the view of the takeaway from the road. Debbie has many loyal local customers but also relies heavily on passing customers and these boxes completely hide the shop front. Southwark Council owns the land outside Debbie’s shop and they rent it out to big mobile phone operators who installed these phone exchange boxes. 

Please sign this petition and help us save Umana Yana:

And if you live in the local area and don’t already know Umana Yana, do stop in for some of their tasty, fresh rotis and curries!