Save the Judith Kerr Primary School Playground

Save the Judith Kerr Primary School Green Space Campaign: An update.

Following the public consultation on the planned development of 20 flats on the playground at Judith Kerr Primary School, we await the full submission of the planning application.  The Save the Judith Kerr Primary School Greenspace campaign is asking The Dulwich Estate not to submit the application and to look elsewhere for a place to rehouse the Almshouse residence.

The campaign has been succesful in raising awareness locally and nationally.  Times Education Correspondant, Nicola Woolcock wrote this piece.  Local resident Jay Rayner recently wrote a blog.  

The campaign group is keen to stress its support for The Dulwich Alsmhouse Charity and agrees for the need for adequet social housing for eldery people.  However,  we believe The Dulwich Estate is putting us both in a diffucult siutation.  We are asking The Dulwich Estate to look elsewhere for an alterntive site.

Support us by tweeting with #saveourplayground @JKPSplayground.

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