Save the Judith Kerr Primary School Playground

The Dulwich Estate who owns the freehold to the school grounds, intends to develop the green space playground at Judith Kerr Primary School for its subsidiary, the Dulwich Almshouse Charity. It aims to relocate the current almshouses situated in the centre of Dulwich Village with a new development of assisted living accommodation for up to 20 elderly residents on the school grounds. For background information please go to

If this development goes ahead, the 350 schoolchildren would as a result lose 2/3 of their already tight outdoor play and sports space and all of the school’s usable green space.

We encourage you to attend one of these events to register your opposition to the proposals. The events will take place on: Wednesday 8th June from 4pm to 7:30 and on Saturday 11th June from 2pm to 4pm at the Methodist Church on Half Moon Lane, opposite the school.

The Greenspace Campaign is led by parents of children at JKPS and fully supports the Dulwich Almshouse Charity’s need for new accommodation. The Dulwich Estate is a substantial local landowner and able to find an alternative, more suitable site. Taking away 2/3 of a local state school’s outside space, which is currently used extensively for play, sport and education, is not an acceptable solution. We are therefore campaigning strongly against this development. The designs for the new development will be uploaded to the charity’s website on 8th June:

Thank you for your support

Save the Judith Kerr Primary School Green Space Playground Campaign.
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It's land used by both the school and the community (e.g. Herne Hill Free Film Festival) - get 21 nominations and make it an ACV tout de suite!

We couldn't agree more that is a vital community resource, not just for the school, the children and the parents.  Thanks for the support.

The playground is essential for kids. Outdoor activities play an important role in the growth of the children and that is why we always let our children play outside and grow with nature.modular homes I hope the authorities will understand the same and find some alternate way for the development of the school. 

I have gone through the news and it is necessary to save the Judith Kerr Primary School Playground at any cost. It is the best place to spend the play time of children. I will definitelycame to this event to register my opposition to this proposal.

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