Save Carnegie Library - act now! Decision to be made on Monday 12 October

On Monday 12th October, Lambeth council will vote as to whether the community hub Carnegie library should be turned into a private gym.

This was announced to the library staff just before the weekend, giving the community 5 working days to respond. If you have time, please do write a short email expressing your discontent at losing this invaluable community resource to the councillors responsible for Neighbourhoods at Lambeth council. They are:

Councillors- Jim Dickson; Michelle Agdomar; Jack Holborn; the Cabinet member for Neighbourhoods Councillor Jane Edbrooke; and our MP

Big thanks to Place in Print for supplying the image.


Dear Lambeth Council

I am writing to object to Carnegie Library becoming yet another gym.

There are so many other wonderful, more appropriate uses this building could accomodate yet all Lambeth can come up with is a gym?

Where is your imagination? How about an arts space, book shop, internet cafe, cinema, meeting room for local community groups, etc. etc.

Carnegie Library was built as an amenity for the local community. Keep it that way.


Tim Sutton