Sally Goble comes to Brockwell Lido this Saturday 28th

The now famous Sally Goble is coming to Brockwell Lido this Saturday 28th March at 9am as part of her 50th birthday quest to swim a mile a day for fifty consecutive days in public pools in and around London.

The story has made quite a splash in the media and she now keeps a blog of her adventures on the Guardian web site: as well as her Twitter page @sallygoble.

Her journey started on Sunday 1st March at the 25m Forest Hill pool and has now taken in over 20 other pools including Charlton Lido, Marshal Street Baths and Crystal Palace. Here favourite so far has been York Hall in Bethnal Green. She says she is saving the open air lidos until the end of her 50 days when she hopes the water might be over 10°C. She might be in for a suprise at Brockwell!

And it's not all just for fun. Sally is also raising money for The Royal Marsden Cancer Charity

Sally is due at the Lido at 9am on Saturday, and Brockwell Swimmers have promised her cake and coffee afterwards at 10am. Other swimmers welcome to join her in the pool as she continues her inspiring mission.

For more information email or phone Tim Sutton on 07803 206 204.