Sadiq Khan: Clean Air for Lambeth

Here is a new petition that Lambeth for a Cool Planet (Twitter @Lambeth4Planet) have just launched in partnership with Lambeth Council:

The Mayor is currently consulting on a plan to improve London's air.

The petition supports the Mayor's efforts to take strong action, and calls on the Mayor to take some particular actions in relation to the very bad air pollution in Lambeth. For example Brixton Road (A23) is particularly polluted since there are so many buses linking surrounding areas to Brixton Tube. It generally breaches EU levels for the whole year in the first 8 days of the year, this has the dubious honour of often beating Oxford Street.

The petition supports, amongst other things, the suggestion that the Mayor creates clean bus corridors on the most polluted roads first, such as Brixton Road (A23). For example; the no.3 bus that passes through Herne Hill is a Euro VI bus, these are an amazing 98% less polluting than Euro V buses. Imagine if all the buses that passed through Brixton and surrounding areas were Euro VI or Hydro buses. It would make such a difference to us all. We have more than 150 signatures so far, please help us to at least double that by signing, RT and sharing!


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