Reminder Lido User Forum tmrw 28th 10am-12pm; Lido disabled parking misuse continues

Wahey! Not one, not two or three, but all four disabled parking bays in the Brockwell Lido car park taken up by unbadged vehicles recently, and all at the same time! Witnessed one of the drivers pull up, take a bike out, and then pedal off into the park. Before she did, this very brief conversation took place:

WE: "These bays are for disabled users"

SHE: "So?"

WE: "Noticed you're not displaying a blue badge."

SHE: "I have one"

WE: "You need to display it if you have one or not park here"

SHE: "Sod off" (at which point she cycles off)

This sort of behaviour is not unusual with area parking space increasingly in short supply, but it is grossly disrespectful to badged disabled users who must park elsewhere, and has been going on for a very long time. For a start, plenty of people use it as a convenient (and free) all-day parking lot when they go to work by train. Misuse has led to a few cases of physically aggressive behaviour in the carpark as well. Brockwell Lido Gym & Spa Users Forum (a campaign on this website, see environs gallery at, also with a FB page) has noticed a drop in violation after effort to monitor the situation but rapid rise in misuse thereafter when left unattended. A stumbling block is that even when the carpark is monitored, no real avenue for enforcement currently exists. The honour system isn't working! A method of formal enforcement has been under discussion by officers of Lambeth, Fusion and the park for years with various plans drawn up and later abandoned. The latest was meant to be implemented earlier this month with as yet no sign of development. All this makes for another worthy discussion topic at tomorrow's (Sat. 28th Sept) Brockwell Lido User's Forum, open to anyone with interest in the well-being of the Lido. REMINDER this takes place in Whippersnappers at the Lido from 10am-noon. Come earlier for free coffee and croissants, then take the opportunity to direct carpark or indeed any other issues you may have at people who need to hear them and take them seriously.