Red BROMPTON FOLDING BICYCLE STOLEN in Dulwich Road last Saturday 26th Sept.

My red Brompton Folding Bicycle was stolen, right in front of me virtually,
from outside my shop 'Society For The Protection of Unwanted Objects' on
Saturday 26th September 2015 at 20.10 hours. The address is 125 Dulwich
Road, Herne Hill, SE24 0NG. The group of three or four thieves were really
well organised and on bicycles - they distracted me and they masked what they
were doing with the bolt-cutters by blocking my view from the shop. They were
all acting suspiciously but it was not clear, nor did it cross my mind at the
time, that they were nicking my bike which was securely heavy duty cable
locked to a street sign-post 20 feet from my shop door.  The bike is a 3 speed
early version with M handlebars in excellent nick and much loved! The name of
the previous owner - 'Sandford' is roughly and deeply scratched into the main frame tube
near the join of the steering yoke. Apparently in Brixton this is now occurring in Brixton near the Tube with the huge amount of bicycle racks and much of it is in broad daylight. If anyone sees my cycle being ridden or
sees it being offered for sale anywhere please let me know - James on 07817 538872.
Police have been made aware and interviewed me withg reference CAD No. 8700 26/09/2015. I'll give a reward.


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