Recycling becomes compulsory in Lambeth

This coming Monday 4th April, recycling in Lambeth will become compulsory. Here's what Lambeth have to say about the move.

"We are making changes to our recycling and refuse services that come into effect on 4th April 2011. These changes are the result of a waste strategy that we have been developing over the last two years with your help. Our aim is to help change behaviour, increase recycling, reduce the amount of waste that is produced and reduce the growing costs of waste collection and disposal."

Everyone will be asked to do their bit on recycling to save costs and keep the borough clean and green.

Councillor Lorna Campbell, Cabinet Member for Environment and Sustainability, says: "Thanks to the support of residents we have made great strides forward increasing recycling rates over the past few years but we need to go even further in reducing the amount the borough throws away.

"Reducing waste and increasing recycling is not just about helping the environment, it's about keeping costs down. The cost of disposing of waste nationally is rising and these changes should save the borough money. The cost of recycling waste is 50 per cent less than if we dispose of rubbish. We need to save money but we also want a Lambeth that is greener and cleaner, and by all working together we can make Lambeth an even better place to live."

The plans are expected to save up to £400,000 a year and increase recycling levels to approximately 35 per cent from the current level of 27 per cent. The policy is designed to make sure that everyone does their bit, helping to reduce both costs and the borough's impact on the environment.

More than seven in ten Lambeth residents support compulsory recycling. The new policy will mean that people who persistently refuse to recycle could face fines.

Councillor Campbell adds: "Compulsory recycling is absolutely not about 'catching people out' and people won't be fined for making the odd honest mistake. Our waste crews are keen to help and will be giving advice on what residents need to do if there’s something they don't understand. People will be given a number of very clear cautions well before it gets to the stage of fines."

Changes to recycling:

From Monday 4th April every Lambeth resident must recycle their rubbish. You must recycle all the items that can be accepted in your orange bag or communal recycling bin. Before throwing out non-recyclable items, please consider whether they can be reused, donated or composted if you have food or garden waste. Do not put garden waste in your wheeled bin or orange bag. It is banned and you could face a fine. Lambeth residents can order new orange recycling sacks here.

Changes to collections:

The way your rubbish is collected is also changing. From Monday 4th April your wheeled bin will no longer be collected from inside the boundary of your property, it will be collected from the street. You must put your wheeled bin and orange recycling bag on the pavement outside your property for collection by 6am. They must not obstruct the footpath. If you do not put out and bring in your wheeled bin, your rubbish will not be collected and you could face a fine.

Lambeth have produced a guide to their recycling and waste collection services. An Adobe PDF download is available here.

Further information on recycling in Lambeth is available here. There is also a guide to reducing and recycling your rubbish here.