Read it here first - Great Herne Hill Cake Bake Competition results

Drum roll please.  

What a success!  We were over-whelmed by the efforts and results of all our participants.  Well done bakers!

Whackiest cake, under 10s 
Winners - Clara and Betsy for their amazing rainbow cake with egg and bacon on top;
Second prize - Natasha for her incredible colourful farm cake;
Highly commended to Ellie for her beautiful Jackson Pollock creation and to Elmear for her delicious chocolate spider cake.
Well done to all of our entrants - this was a really, really  competitive category and everyone did a fantastic job.
Prettiest cake, under 10s 
Winner - Thomas for his beautiful bug cupcakes;
Highly commended to Evelyn for her lovely butterfly cake and to Eva for her yummy cupcakes - very, very pretty.
Prettiest cake, 11s -16s 
Winners - Georgia, Lara and Zara for their absolutely incredible flower cake;
Highly commended to Byron for his delicious and very professional looking vanilla cupcakes. The judges were very impressed.
Most Yocal, 11-16 
Winner - Purdey for her very artistic recreation of the velodrome, which tasted beautifully of lemon; 
Highly commended to Esme for her red and blue Herne Hill cake - which is beautiful enough to become the new logo for Herne Hill.
This was the most difficult category to judge as there was so little between the winner and runners up - very hard for the judges!
Prettiest - Grown ups 
Winner - Anna, for her beautiful flowery tower.
Most Yocal - Grown Ups 
Winner - Etta for her rainbowy Herne Hill streetscape.
Thanks again to our judges and sponsors - Brixton Cake Shop, Ashley from Blackbird Bakery, Nadia from Crunch, Kindred Bakery, Ye Olde Bakery and Jo-An from The London Cook!