Railton Road Shops: Update

Many of you have asked the Forum what we know about the refurbished units on Railton Road - when will they be finished, when will they be let, will they be independent shops or chains, do they have electricity or running water?

We've been saying that as soon as we know more, we'll share it - and Forum committee members and local Railton Road traders have now had the chance to meet with the Arch Company and put questions to them, so we wanted to extend the opportunity to the rest of the Herne Hill residents. We've included here the update from the Arch Company, below:


Many thanks to the traders and residents for inviting representatives from the Arch Company to attend their most recent meeting. We were delighted to be able to be part of the discussionsand we very much appreciated the opportunity to explain more about our work and to listen to your views. 

The Arch Company is a joint venture between property firms Telereal Trillium and Blackstone. The company was formed in February following the purchase of Network Rail’s property arm and we now own more than 5,200 railway arches and properties across England and Wales.

We want to work with our tenants and communities to create an environment that is trusting and transparent. We’re dedicated to supporting small and medium-sized businesses and helping them to flourish. This commitment means that, wherever possible, we work to prioritise local small and medium-sized businesses when we let our properties. We are also aware of the value independently-minded larger business can bring to local areas in building consistent footfall. 

We welcome enquiries from small businesses or entrepreneurs based in the community regarding the vacant properties we have available in Herne Hill. Please contact the Railton Road Traders and Residents Forum if you wish to submit an expression of interest for one of the properties. We will work with them to review local interest.

We are also progressing marketing for these vacant units and have a preference to work with a local lettings agent to find tenants. Once we have a lettings agent in place, we’ll share more information about the range and types of tenants who have shown interest in the properties.


The Arch Company hope to arrange a drop-in session locally where there will be a chance to put some questions face-to-face, but in the mean time, if you want to ask a question, comment, or enquire about rentals, please email us at info@hernehill.org.uk, and we'll pass the details on.