The Pubs of Dulwich and Herne Hill

Two local societies have come together to publish The Pubs of Dulwich and Herne Hill. This accessible, colour-illustrated book is a record of the many pubs that are no longer, as well as a celebration of those that continue to serve the Dulwich and Herne Hill communities. Very timely, as the The Crown and Greyhound in Dulwich and the Half Moon in Herne Hill are both currently closed!

The stories of the pubs in one corner of South London are brought together for the first time. With the help of over 100 illustrations, they reveal much about the growth of London itself over the past three centuries. The book also offers insights into social conditions: for example, through accounts of coroners’ inquests that were often held in pubs, or of the labourer calmly loading his gun in the Crown in Dulwich Village, while vowing to kill a parish official – and coming close to doing so.

Researched and written by John Brunton, Laurence Marsh, Ian McInnes & John Walters

Published 11 May 2016

Price £9.50 paperback

130 pages, over 100 illustrations (inc. 28 pages in colour) and comprehensive index

Available direct from the Herne Hill Society or Herne Hill Books