The power of the Herne Hill people's piano

We at the Forum often receive positive comments about what a difference the piano has made to the area and would like to share the following:

Dear Herne Hill Forum,
Your piano has saved my life!
I started playing piano when I was ten, and by now can play 300 pop standards as well as 40 of my own songs.
However I could never get anyone to listen to me, and even when I got a job playing in a pub no one seemed to listen.
So I went to play the Herne Hill piano, and again everybody walked by without giving me a glance. So I thought, oh well, they ignore me, so I'll ignore them, and just treat it as a practice session, which I did, and practised the songs I struggled with.
And lo and behold, finally someone stopped to listen, and even sing along!
So I finally cracked it: I just keep playing, and eventually people come along and appreciate it and ask for requests, and sing along.
I'm over the moon!

Also I would like to thank the piano tuner for keeping the piano tuned and in such good repair. It's working perfectly (well, almost.)

Attached find picture of me playing the piano.