A plea from the Herne Hill Piano

Our much loved street piano is retiring very soon.  In words from the piano, 'I've entertained you, kept the children busy, made you feel safe, brought the square to life, opened my arms to everyone, but now, I'm shattered.'  Sadly the piano is beyond repair so it's days are truly limited.  We need your help to fund a replacement piano and its maintenance.  

Please see the crowdfunding campaign here.  The campaign ends on 24 May so please don't put it off.  Plus, the sooner we reach our target, the sooner we can replace the ole Bremar.  

If you're not able to access the crowdfunding campaign but would like to make a donation, please email info@hernehillforum.org.uk

Thanks for your support!  Let's keep the music playing in Herne Hill.


Hi klaw81

We're not sure at this stage what we're going to do with it.  We've had a few requests for it.  No, we definitely won't junk our beloved piano!