A plea for help to restore a swimming pool by voting in the Aviva community fund

A plea for help!

 Friends I am asking for your help to restore a fabulous community asset - it is not in Lambeth nor in the South of the UK but in Yorkshire, up North where they are really finding it difficult to raise funds for community projects.

My daughter Leonie Sharp is passionate about swimming and particularly outdoor swimming. 20 years ago she worked at the Brockwell Park Lido as a part time life-guard when they first restored it back for the community. She now lives in Otley in Yorkshire and when their community pool was destined for sale she became Chair of The Friends of Otley Lido. They are a community group of volunteers raising funds to re-establish and restore their historic swimming pool (or in Yorkshire terms ‘the Baths’ or the Otley ‘Outdoor Pool’)

The Otley Lido originally opened in 1924 and was a centre point of the town with people who used to queue up for their season tickets and spent all their summers there - there wasn’t much in the town for local folk and the Otley ‘baths’ was the centre point.

Sadly it closed in 1993 when local authorities couldn’t or didn’t fund such facilities and since then it was filled in and allowed to grow over with weeds and become a derelict site.  

My daughter is passionate to restore this and has been Chair of their group determined to restore the facility as an all year round heated community project. She has been working tirelessly creating  a Community Interest Company and raising funds to engage professional architects and project managers to realise their plans to restore the Otley Lido.

She has asked if all those who value their swimming pool in Lambeth and surrounding areas if they would help them by voting for their project which The Friends have submitted to the  Aviva community fund to help them. They have already raised considerable amounts and have wonderful community backing from the town but need more money for drawing up professional plans before they can put in an application to one of the big grant giving funds such as the Lottery.

Otley is a small but attractive market town on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales but like all small towns in the age of austerity has suffered from the closing of local amenities and leisure and youth centres

The revival of their swimming pool adjacent to the beautiful River Wharfe will make such a difference - a huge boost for their town and the wider community.  

Local residents in Lambeth will appreciate how important it was for the Brockwell Lido to receive such large grants for its renovation and how much this depended on widespread community support. and often from far and wide.

Please help The Friends of Otley Lido  by supporting their project through giving them your votes in the Aviva community fund  competition.

Further details about their organization can be seen on their website:  


and you can follow them on Facebook too.



You can vote for their project by registering with Aviva and then allocating your votes on the following website:  


You are ALLOWED 10 votes, and the more votes received, the greater the chance of  being successful. Voting closes on November 20th. .You can allocate all 10 votes to their project. Your support which will only take a few minutes  will be gratefully received.  

Please vote and share widely.through any other networks you have.  And thank you for reading this notice