PHISH gotta swim 2019

Another year and another Parliament Hill Ice Swim Hootenanny, PHISH 19th Jan 2019, at Brockwell Lido's sister in North London.

This year under new management, the event was just as good, well organised and well attended as previous years. Well done to Jeremy Irvine and his team for pulling off another stonking event with the pool at a perfect 5°C, a deliciously steaming giant hot tub and a sauna heated to the perfect temperature. What more could we ask for?

Our Brockwell Swimmers Relay Team, Jerry, Tim, Karen (birthday girl) and Peter took to the water promptly at 12:50 and carried on the tradition of successfully coming last in our heat… result! However, in total we didn’t do too badly coming 16th out of 24 overall. Quite respectanble. This bodes well for our three relay teams entered in the Tooting Cold Water Championships in seven days time.

It was so good to see one of the few remaining unheated London Lidos celebrating the joy of Cold Water Swimming and pulling in so many hardened athletes from all over the UK. A wonderful networking opportunity with other like minded souls swapping stories from all over the country. Maybe one day Brockwell management will let us do the same at our own Lido? At the moment we are missing out on all the fun.