Petrol Station site in Herne Hill - development plans available for view

Press release from the developers of the site:


Goldcrest will be exhibiting their proposals for the former petrol station site on Wednesday 16th November, 2pm to 8pm at Herne Hill Baptist Church, Half Moon Lane, London, SE24 9HU

You can download the poster and rough plans for the development here 


We are keen to know local people’s views. We hope many people will be able to attend the exhibition and fill in comment cards on the day. Alternatively, comments can be made


·         By email    

·         By Freephone  0800 458 6976

·         By SMS                07797 806537

·         By freepost       FREEPOST RSBX-ARER-CTYA, Goldcrest Herne Hill Consultation, Indigo Public Affairs, Room E409, Westminster Business Square, London SE11 5JH


Please do not hesitate to contact me should you require further information.


Many thanks,




Bridget Fox


I don't have any problem with students but why on earth would students want to stay in Herne Hill? What type of student is this aimed at? Foreign or University etc? Do you have to prove you are a student before you can rent a flat? In which case who is going to run the building? I'm trying to figure out why you would have student accommodation, rather than ordinary flats.... is there a financial benefit?

I think the thing with student accomodation is that its going up at a rate of knots because there is so much demand for it from expanding universities and colleges. Just look at the student studio flats gone up at the end of the Walworth Road just before you get to the first roundabout, it went up in a matter of months and I tell you they will look the worse for wear in the not too distant future. The concern with student housing is that it can be and often is very cheaply constructed, based on standard typologies with cheap materials - render etc. The concern should be around these issues for Herne Hillians particularly since this is a conservation area I believe? Looking at the plans, does it suggest that consideration of the local architectural character has been taken into account? Is the building sympathic to its neighbours? Or does it look like it could be thrown up anywhere? Sadly I can't be there tomorrow but I urge everyone to interograte the developer along these lines and make it clear the community expect the building to contribute positively to the area.

I'm focusing more on the end use than on the design, which is tolerable.

Student accommodation is probably more profitable for developers because the standard living space requirements for grown-ups and families don't apply, i.e. they can squish more in to the available space.

Nothing wrong with students as such; but 70, sardined in to that little space? I can imagine that Sainsburys and the pubs & bars are rubbing their hands at this but I can't see the benefits for the rest of us.

Stereotyping, you say? Well, when bodies of students get together in any community it's a sad truth that there is more drinking and noise than most of us would want to live with.

Proper flats for fewer people would be far preferable, in my humble opinion.

Hi Lizzy
I've got nothing against students at all. What I am against, as Emma3 very well explained, is the quality of the building. Are we going to have an eyesore built there? Probably yes. The one in Walworth road is a big aberration of a building only made for the profit of people that don't live in the area (one might say 'well, it's Elephant and Castle, who cares?' I think we all should). And what about one built in Denmark Hill, across the road from Ruskin Park and where now there's a Police office? It used to be a petrol station too. I cringe every time I pass by it, it looks dirty and unfinished.

Do developers care about the area or the community? Not as much as they care for profit.