Petition: Scale Back the SG Smith Development!

The Dulwich Estate is planning to re-develop the old SG Smith workshops and disused petrol station which sit just behind the parade of shops in Dulwich Village. It makes sense – why have a light-industrial unit right in the middle of the village?

However local residents and concerned at the scale of the development. Andy Skipwith, a local dad, has started a petition and is looking for support:

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“Current plans to redevelop the SG Smith (Audi) garage in the centre of Dulwich Village include a 5,000 cubic metre basement to create underground snugs, utility rooms and parking for 12 new homes.

The works will involve over 2,000 multi-axle HGV journeys: tipper trucks to remove the soil and aggregate lorries to supply the concrete. And that's just to create the proposed basement.

That's ONE HGV, EVERY 10 MINUTES FOR TWO MONTHS, right into the centre of the village, on local, residential roads that are already dangerously congested.”

The development is particularly sensitive given its location. According to Tim Warin, chair of the Dulwich and Herne Hill Safe Routes Group, there are 14 schools with 7,000 pupils within 10 minutes walk of the proposed construction site as well as 40 pre-school nurseries:

“Parents and children walk, cycle and scoot to school every day and their routes take many of them straight through Dulwich Village.

We believe that the scale of the proposed HGV movements poses an enormous risk to our community: of the 20 cycle deaths in London last year over half involved tipper trucks and skip lorries.”

Whilst the Dulwich Estate takes a broad interest in Dulwich goings-on, a quick look at their website shows that their objectives are narrow and financial: to maintain the value of their assets; and to grow (in real terms) the income they derive.

Could it be that the trustees of the Dulwich Estate are putting profit before safety with this development?


This is outrageous we have to scale down the development for everyone's safety - young and old alike.

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